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Yes you want to hear how we’re getting on with the latest album but what about a game of Park the Van? Blog posts below if you must.

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  • The Black WidowMaker – The saga ends

    Well the Black Widowmaker had one more go at killing me. On trying to start her, a heavy plastic smell began to emanate from the engine compartment, and lo-and- behold, on opening that up, smoke filled the cab, and flames were visible by the engine itself.

  • Glastonbury – Big News

    Hope and Social to Play Glastonbury 2009.
    Possible Main Stage slot.
    Guinness World Record attempt.

  • Oh lordy!

    It’s web2 tastic! I’m gonna have a little tweet about this and then upload a video to my tv channel….here we go, new site, new blogging-twittering- nothing-to-talk-about-but-we’ll- talk-about-it-anyway interface… We demand the right to be cynics but we also demand the right to exploit and enjoy the technology! So what’s the story? We’re counting down…