Over the years we’ve documented all our silly and outlandish endeavours through the medium of film with our bezzie mates Shot by Sodium. In all our events we strive to involve the audience as deeply as possible. Here’s a sample of some of our favourites.

December 2016 – The Polar Excess

Our Christmas party 2016. We took 160 fans on a magical mystery tour across Yorkshire. They had no idea what we had in store! 320 mince pies, 4 coaches, one cathedral, one nearly successful game of intercoach Battleships played over walkie talkies, a steam train, funky brass, a selection of pies and a competition to build and play our very own invention of Alpen Horns made out of plumbing pipe.

Summer 2014 – The Tour of Infinite Possibility

In 2014 we executed our Tour of Infinite Possibility. One of 6 headline projects of the Yorkshire Festival that ran side by side with the Tour de France Grand Depart as it travelled through Yorkshire. Culminating in 12 gigs over 4 days in 12 towns along the 240 mile route of the Tour to a total audience of nearly 5000 TIP was truly one of our most epic and successful projects. Over 8 months we gathered and nearly 200 public facing workshops and recruitment sessions with 1200 participants from across the whole of Yorkshire. We had to overcome many technical obstacles to make this happen including commissioning a custom online workshop booking system so we could manage the logistics , a solar and cycle powered mobile stage, PA and screen that could be setup within one hour of arrival and packed down in the same timescale and more importantly working out how to inspire to work with and teach the hugely varied mix of participants that joined us. Just at this gig in Otley 200 local people joined us on stage including 3 different primary schools, 1 scout group, 2 different amateur choirs, a ukuele group and 20 local people who had never before played an instrument or ever been on stage. TIP was an exhausting but incredibly rewarding project and we still meet people who it effected and who continue to play and perform because of the experience.

The playlist below contains all our video documentation of the project that we released as we actually doing it. It begins with our initial call to arms and the second video is the first of our workshops in a primary school.


Come Dine With Us

One of our very first events and one very dear to us. We had a song written for our album “April” which we thought sounded a little bit like French bistro music so we decided to turn our studio in the crypt of a Victorian church into a French cafe for the evening. Despite not having any running water or gas we and some friends cooked and served a 3 course gourmet French meal for 70 fans and then got them to sing, play percussion, wine glasses and our specially wine bottle orchestra. 30 minutes rehearsal, 3 live takes and we were done. It was a beautiful evening and the song turned out pretty good too…