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… Christmas… and Vinyl

Christmas comes but once a year. Factually incorrect if you’re Belgian. It comes TWICE a year for our favourite trappist-beer loving, moules & frites pedallin’ chocoholics. We’ve been doing our homework here at H&S Towers and finding out all things culturally Belgian-related; Tin-Tin, Brel, The saxophone, Danny DeVito (Ok… not Danny DeVito). But it’s true. Santa Claus comes TWICE; on the 6th December AND the 25th December.

In Belgium, the little kinders put out shoes instead of stockings in front of the fire for Saint Nicolas and we’re taking inspiration from this by nominating UNICEF and Clarks Shoe Share project as our Christmas charity this year.

It’s simple really, Clarks take in your used and unwanted shoes and the shoes help to buy educational equipment for young people across the globe. If you have any unused shoes which still have some wear in them (no holes in the soles please) bring them along and pop them under our Fireplace of Christmas goodness and we’ll collect them together and arrange for them to be donated.

There will be the usual japes which you crazies [er… I like to call ’em “lovelies” Gaz #awkward – Rich] have come to love/hate/expect with trepidation at our Christmas Bashes so do wrap up warm and swot up on all things Belgique.

Doors are 7.30pm and we recommend you arrive early and take in the beauty of the Salon Perdu at The Piece Hall, and the various traders who will be selling their wares and endeavouring to warm your cockles. If you don’t have a ticket yet you might just be able to bag one of the last few!

See y’all on Thursday. We hope you’ve been nice this year. Until then we’ll leave you with the sage words of Sir Cliff.
‘Christmas Time, Bratwurst and Mulled Wine. The Boys in Blue sing bu-uuull-sh*t rhymes…’

x Gary x

A Bundle of Joy at Christmas… VINYL!

Best Album EVER!

We’re a little bit excited. Scratch that, we’re verrrrry excited to be able to let you Limited Edition Lovelies know that we have recently pressed the big green button that makes our lovely new album come out ON VINYL!!!

You may recall pre-ordering this in the past few weeks, or (like a good friend of ours) you may have been perusing your inbox days later, only to find receipts which reveal that you’ve bought it twice, on the same night, at 11pm, and again at 2am, but that’s red-wine for you eh PJ?   [grins] If not, go grab yerself a copy before this Ltd Edition pressing sells out.

Meanwhile, German Vinyl Pixies are spinning lathes, melting vinyl, pressing stamper plates and very early in the new year will be shipping your premium grade, heavy-weight, audiophile quality black discs of happiness to Leeds. As soon as we have ’em, we’ll hot-foot them over to our delivery heroine Kate of Spare Pair of Hands (want a job doin’, give her a call – she’s ace).

Better still, take a picture of you in your amazing Hope and Social T-shirt, in front of the gorgeous posters, and tell yer mates online just how excited you are about hearing this awesome record and include us a in tweet/Insta/FB status.
What? You don’t have the Tee and the Posters? Better get back over here then. Don’t wanna look like the silly one who missed out do we hmmmmm? Our egos have a voracious appetite. As do I, so I’m off to microwave another £1.20 Aldi curry.

Looks like delivery to you lovelies will be early to mid Jan, but if you’ve any queries, please do hit us up on social media (@hopeandsocial) and we’ll answer asap.

Eat well and play nice you fragrant (soz… I’m eating basmati rice now) and gorgeous people.

Rich, and all of H&S

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