Blunder Bust!

Wow, that was tiring! Who’d have thunk that teaching 50 people a bunch of H&S songs in 4 hours across two buses, a stately home and a church then doing a gig at the finish line of the Tour de Yorkshire would prove so tiring? [grins]

Well, it was. But it was sooooo worth it. The smiles of everyone at The Hepworth and on the buses buoyed our spirits through the rain. We traversed the route and dabbled in rehearsals at the wonderful Harewood House. We were even welcomed by David Lascelles, the 8th Earl of Harewood!!! (I kid you not!) who attended rehearsals, and showed us to the Norman-era All Saints Church where both bus-loads learned The Big Wide, official song of Yorkshire Festival.

We re-boarded our buses, and came in the last few miles along the Tour de Yorkshire route atop our mightly steel steeds to arrive for our Roundhay Park set. The sun shone. It was glorious!

And y’know what, I think we did ok. [grins]. In fact, I think we all did great. The assembled crowd (one very angry woman aside – “I’m here to see a bike race not some chuffing band I’ve never heard of!!”) cheered all 50 of us on in our quest to entertain ’em… there were even some tears of joy on-stage. Anyway… if a picture tells a thousand words, then thanks as ever to the amazing Shot By Sodium for this documentary of the day:

We had a ball with our Blunder-Bus project for this years Yorkshire Festival. All that remains is to say a huge thanks to Welcome to Yorkshire for having us along for [coughs] “the ride”, to Yorkshire Coastliner for ensuring our safe travels, and to Shot By Sodium for making us look cooler than we really are.

Finally, we’d like to hand you over to the wonderful, real-life people of the internetz – the people who made the BlunderBus the awesome day it was – to tell you exactly what kind of day they had.

Peace out brothers and sisters!

Officially ready to see @hopeandsocial @tourdeyorkshire #hsblunderbus ☀️

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Aw. Isn’t that lovely!

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