Bringing the Happy again

Very quick post…I’m sitting in a pub by the train station in Brighton, enjoying a pint while I wait for the Flockers. We’re down in Brighton this week taking a wee break from The Tour of Infinite Possibility to do Bring the Happy again as part of Brighton Festival. Having just wandered through the concourse of misery which is Victoria station I’d say we’re in dire need of some happy right now so bring this bad boy on.

We first started Bring the Happy about two years ago…maybe even three. It was a fascinating project, an honour to be involved but I never ever thought that it would lead to so many shows and so much…what’s the right phrase…life, I guess. It’s an absolute priveledge to read and have access to so many personal and life changing moments. Every time we reconvene to remake the show we follow the same process: arrive, catch up, coffee, read ALL the memories from that town. And it’s always fascinating. Moving. Devastating. Elating. In the space of maybe two hours pretty much all of life shuffles past us on the map.

I genuinely feel it could be the best and most important thing we do as a band and as individuals. I’m accused of saying that about everything we do…but that’s got to be a good thing hasn’t it?

PS – If you still don’t know what Bring the Happy is please read this post by Ed, or watch the video below…and get down to a show as soon as you can!


Bring the Happy is part of the Brighton Festival from Friday-Sunday. More info at

EDIT – 12:30pm 20/05/14

OOooh, and if you want to see how Bring The Happy looks… these lovely photos by Lizzie Coombes’ll (AKA Betty Lawless on Twitter) show y’all nicely like.