Festivals 2012

As I mentioned on Monday, 2012 was going to be a quietish year for us; we’re very glad to say that it’s not quite turning out that way. As well as this March’s acoustic tour and plotting for our forthcoming Crypt Cover days, we’ve also been booking in some summer jaunts to festivals old and new… and as lovely as all this acoustic stuff is, we’re looking forward to making the noisy noise (even Gary, and he plays Folk Music!).

Hope and Social enjoying Glastonbury

We’ll write a bit more about the festivals in the coming weeks, but we really wanted to list all our summer festivals in one place, and we’ll keep updating this page as/if/when we get any new festival dates in the diary. By the way, should any festival bookers/promoters be reading this and fancy having us on, please do drop us a line. We’re still booking and looking for the summer.

May 4th – Leeds – TBC

We’re not 100% on this one yet… just in case you want to keep Star Wars day free for our 1st full band show of the year.

(Rich) – No longer going ahead this one… Next time Gadget… Next time. ;)

June 3rd – In The Pines

In the beautiful Fellfoot Woods overlooking Windermere, In The Pines is a boutique festival run by the lovely people of Doghouse Promotions, Halifax. We’re headlining the on Sunday, the 3rd of June (bank holiday weekend), but the weekend tickets with camping look ace! Get the In The Pines poster here.
TICKETS: via (just search for in the pines).

June 8th – Rough Beats Festival

Rough Beats is set in such a beautiful part of the world, in “the stunning Yorkshire dales, on the slopes of Ingleborough, on the cusp of the Forest of Bowland, with the lake district peks on the horizon”. We played at Rough Beats in 2010, and while that was duly ace, we hear it’s blossoming into something even bigger and better. This year there’s loads of ace stuff on (I’m particularly excited about Pulled Apart By Horses – Rich)…

TICKETS: …plus, the lovely people of Rough Beats have done that Fancy-Dan ticket thing where if you buy your tickets via this link, we get paid a bit more too, which is nice. [grins]

June 9th – Beeston Festival

Then back home to Leeds for Beeston Festival. A community festival who aim to “promote racial harmony, local regeneration, community sports and arts, and environmental education”. Sounds like a good cause! We’re on 4 ’til 5pm on the main stage…. and it’s Free in….” Aaaand then we’re straight off to gig at a wedding in York. Which should be great also!
TICKETS: Free in.

June 16th – Future of Music Festival, Scarborough

Quite a biggie for us this. It’s the first year of Future of Music Festival and they lovely people of FOMF have taken the leap of asked us to headline the opening night. We know the peeps running teh PA/stage/lighting tech and we should look and sound fantastic. It’s family friendly (my Uncle Jim is coming – Rich) so come and play out.

TICKETS: straight from Future Of Music Festival website.

June 17th – Selby Festival

Featuring some of our favourite Leeds peeps including Eureka Machines and our James’ other band [winks] Arthur Rigby and the Baskervyles. You can keep up to date on what’s going on at Selby Festival via Facebook here. Run by some of Galtres peeps (see below), we’re excited to be playing at Selby Fest. ;)

TICKETS: Free in

June 23rd – Grassington Festival

More on just how we’ll be getting involved with Grassington Festival nearer the time, but this looks to be a very special event.

July 14th – Kirkstall Festival

Good ol’ Kirkstall Festival, right on my doorstep and a bloody great community festival to boot. We played it last year and what a gorgeous day it was.

Image c/o Russell Dixon/Dervish Images

We’re overjoyed to playing (during the day – times TBC) at Kirkstall Festival again this year.

TICKETS: Free in, just make sure you buy a programme to help (financially) support the event.

August – 20th/21st – Something happening here… TBC

We can’t tell you – Some dotting of the i’s and crossing of the t’s yet to be done but we hope to be somewhere nice, doing something awesome.

August 24th – Galtres Festival

Yesssss. We arrived at (a somewhat damp) Galtres Festival last year in style:

This year we’re due somewhat better weather. Should be a great festival. Ace stage, sound and lights, and gawd bless the lovely people of Galtres as not only have they given us the main support slot on the Friday night, but also they’ve given us some discount codes for you to use (which also pay us a bit more cash too!).

TICKETS: Simply click through here and enter this code when you purchase: HOPE&SOCIAL-303

August 25th – Greenbelt Festival

We’ve just got confirmation that we’re back at Greenbelt Festival on Saturday the 25th. Again, more deets nearer the time, but very much looking forward to a festival that was one of our 2011 highlights.

There you have it!

So, hopefully more dates to add, some exciting stuff bubbling away, and plenty of festivals confirmed. If there’s a festival you’d like to see us at, pop it in the comments below and we’ll say “Howdy!

Roll up roll up – get your Hope and Social festival tickets ‘ere!!!

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March 14, 2012 at 10:09 pm

So glad H&S can make Greenbelt again (see you in the beer tent I suspect!)
If anyone wants to join 1600 odd of us in making the festival happen see:

April 5, 2012 at 3:52 am

Been a fan for a while thanks to @SoloBassSteve. Already planning to come to Greenbelt this year. This sinches it!

April 18, 2012 at 12:16 pm

Scarborough, Kirkstall and Greenbelt all systems go so far!

Rich Huxley
April 19, 2012 at 12:17 pm

Cheers for your lovely comments here. We’re very excited about the festivals. Please do feel free to show them some love on the wider interwebz.
[no obligation like]

April 19, 2012 at 12:57 pm

So glad you are going to Greenbelt again : ) see you there! Beth x

June 3, 2012 at 11:29 pm

Yay! Booking my ticket to Greenbelt – looking forward to your gig HUGELY! x

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