Hope and Social Autumn Tour!

It’s that time again…. We’re hitting the road! Come see! Come play out… We’ve got some little crackers in here… We’ve had some amazing gigs this year already and it’s only getting better. And more tired. Much more tired. But we’ll forget the tiredness for somewhere between 45 minutes and 2 hours on each of these nights in October.

Bring it. Bring ROCKTOBER.

12/10/2011 Mello Mello (Free in) Liverpool
14/10/2011 Hartlepool Town Hall Theatre, Hartlepool
15/10/2011 Skipton Youth and Community Centre Skipton – headlining the Skip Songs youth festival – Contact Claire for more info 0845 034 9538
We’re also being awesomely supported by Rosie. Amazing.
16/10/2011 Fibbers York
… With Rosie again!
20/10/2011 Hare and Hounds Birmingham
22/10/2011 Bull and Gate London
23/10/2011 Brudenell Social Club Leeds

12/10/2011 Mello Mello, Liverpool

Mello Mello is a lovely tiny vegetarian cafe bar in Liverpool. Free in, we’ve had a number of awesomely chaotic gigs here in the past. Really really worth coming to if you live round that way…

14/10/2011 Hartlepool Town Hall Theatre

We’re so looking forward to this… The Town Hall Theatre in Hartlepool is an amazing venue – a classic Victorian Theatre which is rumoured TO BE HAUNTED. Haunted by ROCK maybe…. This gig also features the amazing Gina Dootson. Tickets are available here from the venue (warning – tickets not available online, YOU HAVE TO SPEAK TO A PERSON OR TURN UP ON THE DOOR). We love playing Hartlepool. A bunch of lunatics. Some of the very best… This will be grand.

15/10/2011 Skip Songs Festival Skipton

A festival of youth music from North Yorkshire. We’re headlining but there are some other great and much younger bands playing including the awesome Rosie who are just amazing (and whose album “Moustache” was mixed at our lovely crypt). Contact Claire for more info 0845 034 9538

16/10/2011 Fibbers York

I reckon we’ve played Fibbers in York more times than Gary Barlow has sneakily had a pie sandwich and a half pint of double cream. Support from some lovely folks People in Airports (feat members of our secret and guilty crushes Shed 7)and the awesome Rosie again…

Hope and Social’s Big Hit in Bishop’s Stortford

Here’s all you need to know:

22/10/2011 Bull and Gate London

The Bull and Gate is a classic London venue. One of the only true independents left and possibly the only London venue that still has music 7 nights a week. Ace line up including our very own Gary Stewart, and the awesome awesome Emily Baker

23/10/2011 Brudenell Social Club Leeds

This is the last date of the tour. The big daddy. We got big plans. Big secrets. We can’t say too much. We can say this:

Scaramanga 6

Peanut Butter


The excitement/the show/the tacky glamour


All will become clear. Dress for Vegas baby… DRESS FOR VEGAS.