Bring The Happy

The Bring the Happy Room is readying

Tonight Hope and Social are at the Northern Ballet, Leeds, with interactive arts trio Invisible Flock. Tonight’s performance of Bring The Happy is the culmination of months of work for the Invisible Flock team. It’s a gorgeous project, and they’re a proper lovely bunch to boot.

In autumn 2010, Bring the Happy took over 3 disused shop spaces in Leeds city cent, visited 10 local schools to collect, and collate the happy memories of the people of Leeds, mapping these memories to a giant interactive map. The map currently includes over 1,300 memories.

The Grand Piano at Northern Ballet

Some of the memories are just beautiful. They range from the poignant and heartwarming, through funny, to tear-jerking. Hope and Social are (appropriately) very happy to be involved. It’s a privilege to be invited into these people’s memories.

We’ve been working up some songs to accompany the memories and be part of the story-telling this evening, so there is brand new Hope and Social material to be heard this evening.

The Ballad of Leeds

Tickets are still available from Northern Ballet. If you can make it, it’s going to be a lovely evening. Highly recommended… and it’s not just coz we’re in it.  ;)

Hope to see you tonight.

The "Bring The Happy" Map

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Mike Chitty
October 8, 2011 at 11:01 am

Just beautiful.