We write bearing gifts…

Quick update from The Crypt… just listening back to the demos of the last two months and there’s some very exciting stuff in there. Rough, really rough, and some of it just fragments but so much material and some of it in a different direction. There’s certainly some Graceland in there and we’re pushing the 3-part harmony now Gary’s got a mic! Can’t wait to get down to the recording of it now. Aiming for mid-May with a load of tour dates at the end of the month.

Yesterday we worked on the formatting of a track tentatively entitled Cotton Wool, and wrote another new one with a sort of dEUS/Talking Heads feel. It’s been a funny disjointed sort of a week but everything was made tippety top by the arrival of presents into to the studio – gifts from friends and well-wishers to help with the writing sessions. So thank you Heather for cakes, the Wigan massive for mintballs and Stripey Mouse for sweets and pictures. The kindness and goodwill of people never fails to amaze. People they are some good…

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More from planet H&S on Friday…


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March 2, 2011 at 8:42 pm

Hope & Social cupcakes wipe floor with Uncle Joe’s Mintballs shock!
Do you worry that your fans think you need feeding up? ;-) xx

March 2, 2011 at 9:00 pm

dEUS <3 YES!!!!

Looking forward to hearing live previews and the actual article come Summer!

But yay and yes on more of talked about dEUS influence!!!