The Snowball Keeps on Rolling

Snowball decorationsWell ladies and gentlemen The Snowball was a wonderful wonderful thing filled with Christmas joy and unending goodwill. There will be lots more stuff coming your way to make you green with envy or happy with glowing memories.

We’ll be showing you how we got the marvellous Ho Ho Hope and Social beer, and our first tasting. We’ll be blogging about our trip to pick up the Christmas tree and how Ben locked himself and Rich in a car with a 15ft Christmas tree on its roof…

…but this is a very quick email to say:

a) thanks to all involved for making it another incredible day and

b) there’s still chance to get your hands on some fantastic Hope and Social Snowball Christmas Tree Decorations

These beautiful art-efacts are hand crafted by the wonderful Rhona and Malcs (well, laser cut, but they did all the work). These are truly amazing things that were produced exclusively for us and for the Snowball and we have just a few available to buy now from our online shop:

Order before Friday and we’ll get them out to you in time to place on the tree for Christmas day. What could be better? World peace? Maybe…but this is pretty close.

Onward, despite the two forces of badness…(viruses and Paypal to be precise)

As we said there’s plenty more to come from the Snowball and some more news about gigs and albums coming early next year. A massive thank you to everybody who has made this year so much fun…too many people to mention but let’s hope next year has as much to give. Incredible. Onward and upward.

Oh…and whoever infected our website with the Silence is Golden virus, we’re after you! Sorry if you’ve had trouble with it – we think it’s sorted now so service is back to normal.

Oh…and Paypal…hope do you sleep at night? (Though we may be up and running as of this morning!)

Apart from those two small blips on an otherwise bright world – Happy Christmas all!