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We’re very much looking forward to our Come Dine With Us event this month. Only 17 tickets to go as of this morning so book now if you’re coming!

Hope and Social figured that we could hold a night for our fans in the studio where we’re recording our album, and ask fans to be part of the recording. We’ll need to feed you, but if we offer you a ticket which includes entry, and we feed you, come play at your table, serve you and get you on a record for £25, then we’re offering pretty good value; thinking about how much you’d spend on a gig and on a meal out… we wanted to offer a unique experience and get you fed.

Also we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to those who’ll be with us on the night and those helping make things even more awesome than they already are by the fact that you’re helping us make our album by performing on it! So, in no particular order:

Flash Photography May Be Used

We’re very pleased to say that the brilliant 3B Media will be documenting the event through still and moving images. Not only are we documenting the night on film (well, we say film, but it’s digital… we’ll be telling you we record our audio to tape next!). The 3B’s are…:

3B Media's Phil Barber shot the "Be The Architect" Crypt Gig

Phil Barber shot the BTA night and filmed the live video of Stuck Like Glue (at the bottom of this post). Rob Booker is the newest B that we’ve met, and another great talent photographically. Like the more familiar B’s, Rob’s a prolific blogger and great social guy. We’ve got further plans with 3B Media this year. More on that soon we hope. Barnaby Aldrick – the first of the B’s who we met, and another winning personality. We’re very privileged to have the 3B’s involved.

Ideas, Drive and Dining

Ben Denison… has been at the forefront of Hope and Social’s social media and fan involvement drive these past couple of years. We’ve always been social chaps on the whole but Ben’s really helped us hone that and pull that side of things into what we do and what we are as a band and become a central drive of what we do. Ben’s also helped co-ordinate with the 3B Media chaps…

…and as you know, you’ll be catered for… so Ben’s very kindly managed to rope his lovely Mum in as she’s experienced in this area… (i.e. cooks great food for many).

The Familiar Faces

We’re very pleased to say that Jason Miller our original bass player and band founder will be with us on the night, behind the bar and generally on hand to facilitate the smooth running of the night. Safe hands, and a friendly face to boot (don’t boot his friendly face though please. Likewise, we’re ecstatic that long time fans, street-team co-ordinators and general good eggs Simon Wiffen and Lynette Hanson are going to be on hand to help us, and your maître d’ for the evening my awesome wife Hannah Huxley.

James Hamilton – and the Wine Bottle Orchestra…

James Hamilton - courtesy of Barnaby Aldrick

James is the writer of all our brass lines…

[bandcamp track=2650329043 size=short bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB] A brass line you may recognise.

… and a damn fine jazz writer too!

[bandcamp album=664522359 size=short bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB] Go buy the James Hamilton Jazz Orchestra – Venue EP… I have!

Our James is writing a part for you lovely Come Dine With Us friends to play as part of our Wine Bottle Orchestra. So bring your best lungs (we may be blowing) and best percussive fingers (we may be hitting).

Tom Robinson (It’s gone National!)

We’ve got to thank the always brilliant, and inspirational Tom Robinson for his recent plug for the Come Dine With Us night on his BBC 6Music Introducing show. A strong promoter of new music and a great help to new and aspiring bands. Have a read of Tom Robinson – Another Reason to Save BBC 6 Music to hear us rave about Tom further.

The Cub Scouts

Hot food? Hell yes – always prepared for such eventualities, the Cub Scouts have kindly donated (for a small reciprocal donation) the gas stove burners we need to provide you with the full French bistro foodie experience. (Food orders needed this week peeps!) Earn your Come Dine With Us Badge this March at a Crypt in Yorkshire.

The Mysterious Fiona

Penultimately, but not least, thanks to the lovely Fiona who’s providing table-dressing to make everything look lovely. She’s shy, so we’ll not be telling you any more about her, other than to say thank you Fi! xxxxx


Without our awesome fans, we wouldn’t be able to do this; a night we hope you’ll remember, tell your mates about and spread our word. Also, we need you for the record, you’ll be on our album, and by joining us you’re helping us to pay for the pressing of our second album. In the words of Mojo “Music for for The People” (or Music by the people for the people… or food by the people for the people??)

Soooo, as promised, here’s Phil Barber’s video for you. Hope you enjoy.

[vimeo 8418441]

Looking forward to seeing y’all at Come Dine With Us!



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Ben Denison
March 16, 2010 at 11:29 am

Thanks for the kind words Hux.

Dont forget, Simon Wainwrights mum is doing the puddings!

And the mighty Roo Pigot ( has stepped in to help coordinate the home grown french tash waiters. Its going to be one heck of an night. :)

I personally cant wait for James wine bottle orchestra!

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