Hello from the long road…

Just thought I’d do a quick catch up having been a bit quiet for the last couple of weeks. Ed and Rich have been working with another band down the Crypt (not sure I’m allowed to say who am I? Don’t know why not? Help?) (Rich: “yeah you can say – it’s that there Sky Larkin and you can hear more of their Crypt based antics here) and I’ve been lounging about in France in God’s own country. Usual home-coming wake up call on the transpennine cattle train. Manners, gratitude and respect are things of the past and foreign countries. On the upside: the NHS, Brian Eno, Lewis, comedy and the seasons.

Ed’s in today tweaking the mixes for Bar of Lost Souls. I’ve had several listens over the past few weeks and I’m still liking it all. Very different but a breath of fresh air after the length and intensity of the Architect sessions. Another day’s work will make a huge difference – needs some clarity. Starting to think about releasing it – pay what you want again as we’re hoping to do with everything from now on – more on that in the future. In the meantime I’ve put some video up from the sessions on our YouTube site. A little chaotic but you’ll get some idea of the working method I hope. I think it’d opened our eyes to the value of a faster working method – we’ve got a load of ideas ready for album2 proper and we’re aiming to get it out before February next year so we’ll be speeding things up a little.


Tour dates are rolling in for October – take a look at the site. And we’re dusting down the candles and sweeping out the hay for the Be the Architect gig on the 17th October. If you’re wanting to come then get your tickets purchased as they’re starting to move. We’re looking at what we’re going to produce as a record of the evening – the artefact – and being the print geek that I am it’s all very exciting. I can smell it. I can smell it.

Lovely album review here –

Still can’t fail to be inspired by Eno’s diaries as toilet reading. “Make art make art make art”. And eat good food at the same time.

Broken Family Band RIP

I’m on my way to Athen for a month to work on Bar of Lost Souls but I’ll try and keep things updated in the meantime.