Quick Glastonbury thoughts…

It lived up to all expectations of how good it would be, how moved we’d feel to be playing it finally after 10 years of wanting to be there. All the gigs were good but the 45 minutes on the Acoustic Stage and the hour leading up to it were amongst some of the best experiences we’ve ever had. It’s hard to put your finger on what made it so good –  there’s such a great feeling at Glastonbury almost all the time – warmth, a desire to have fun, belief…in something – and to feel that you’re creating your own little bit of magic for a crowd is pretty special I’ve got to say. The tent was full by the end and the sound of those Kazoos was something to behold. Thanks to everyone who came along…the guy with the old Four Day Hombre shirt on, loads of faces from gigs over the years, Trace, Julia, Mary, Sean, Matt, Louise…so many. The set we played for those who care:

Living a Lie
Red Red Rose (with opening bars from Thriller as a tribute to the man)
Heaven Falls / Stay With Me
Looking for Answers
San Francisco
Buzzer Goes

Out of the other bands we saw the highs have to be:

– The Boss. Some people seemed disappointed that he didn’t play a total greatest hits set but Bruce just does what he does in my eyes and does it better than anyone else. Born to Run and Radio Nowhere were very special. A certain young man p1ssing down my leg in the middle of the crowd couldn’t even dampen my spirits.
– Neil Young. Totally overwhelmed by this – the man is 63! Incredible sound – the best guitar tone I think I’ve ever heard. 9 false endings to Keep on Rockin in the Free World and a vibe solo to end. Completely blown away by it. Ed and I just stood there grinning at the audacity.
– Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Karen O has a strange hold over me. It’s not sexual, I don’t think. I’m just spellbound.
– Will Young. Seriously. Possibly the best moment of the whole weekend. He is seriously good. He could turn Ed that’s for sure.

I’m going to do a little video diary over the next few days so hopefully more sense will be made of everything then. Thanks again for all who came or supported us in any way. I’ll never forget this one.


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July 2, 2009 at 7:07 pm

Just wanted to say how impressed we were with you guys at Glasto. We popped along to the acoustic tent on the recommendation of Andrea T and managed to catch the kazoo madness – which was awesome! I am still cherishing my red kazoo so many thanks!

Glad that you had so much fun playing, it was evident from your performance that you were enjoying yourselves and from where we were, somewhere in the middle of the acoustic tent, the crowd loved you!

Seriously well done & thank you!