Oh lordy!

It’s web2 tastic! I’m gonna have a little tweet about this and then upload a video to my tv channel….here we go, new site, new blogging-twittering- nothing-to-talk-about-but-we’ll- talk-about-it-anyway interface… We demand the right to be cynics but we also demand the right to exploit and enjoy the technology!

So what’s the story? We’re counting down to the launch of the ‘debut’ album and with each week that passes a new H&S gift will deposit itself on our lovely site. Easy – you don’t have to sign up or pay or any way compromise your political self – just turn up and take what you want… all we ask is that if you like you spread the word. It’s our weapon of choice and we’re not afraid to use it…

More on the album as the weeks progress. In the meantime I’ll leave you with this – – Ed sent it me – “about fleetwood mac and what lessons can be learnt for the creative process. Basically the guy Malcolm Gladwell is talking to a design conference and his lessons are about the amount of time it takes to produce truely great work i.e. Rumours was actually Fleetwood Mac’s 16th album. Very interesting! First 30 mins are the good ones…”



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February 25, 2009 at 8:12 am

Awww Denzil’s going to be so proud ;-)