June 9, 2017

FEEL Again – Oct 2017 Tour

FEEL Again Well, that was quite a night wasn’t it! All hands on deck, full steam ahead, let’s set sail for obscurity, safe in the knowledge that Hope and Social are at least forty times more strong and stable than the chuffnuts left in charge. In moments of clarity, when you come to the harrowing – Read more


December 7, 2016

The Polar Excess: THIS SATURDAY!

(WARNING, CONTAINS SPOILERS. If you’ve already bought your ticket and want the day to be a surprise, then look away now) Ho Ho Ho Holy $h1tballs! … that’s rolled around quick! This coming Saturday the 10th of December is “The Polar Excess”, our Christmas dooo, our end of year bash, our bidding farewell to 2016, – Read more

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October 5, 2016

FEEL – The Album Tour

Dunno if we’ve mentioned it but this Friday 7th Oct, we’re putting our new album out! Not just any album either. It’s our first since 2013, and we’re putting it out on big fancy crowd-funded blue vinyl too. And as nine beautiful videos… with a worldwide premiere at Leeds’ favourite indie cinema. Plus our usual – Read more

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November 20, 2015

The Fairytale of New Yorkshire

Friday 11th December!   GET YOUR TICKETS HERE! Apologies for the radio silence these past couple of weeks, but oh me my, what fun we have planned for our 2015 Christmas Doooo, “The Fairytale of New Yorkshire“… AND for that matter, what fun we’re having planning it! This is not gonna be some standard, badly – Read more


December 8, 2014

The 12 Gigs of Christmas – The Lowdown

We can’t afford big tele advertising campaign, but if we could it would go like this. [overly dramatic X-Factor voiceover, massive silver words rush towards screen] “12 GIGS” [big drum] “1 DAY” [cannon fires] “6 IDIOTS!” [fireworks] etc. It’s safe to say we’ve had some stupid ideas as a band. We just get over excited, – Read more


December 7, 2012

If Hope and Social Had An Office Party…

If Hope and Social had an office Christmas party, what would it look like? Help us decorate the office for our Christmas party and be in with a chance of winning a lifetime supply of Hope and Social paper clips! What makes ’em Hope and Social paper clips you ask? Well, they are blue, and – Read more

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September 29, 2011

Bring The Happy

Tonight Hope and Social are at the Northern Ballet, Leeds, with interactive arts trio Invisible Flock. Tonight’s performance of Bring The Happy is the culmination of months of work for the Invisible Flock team. It’s a gorgeous project, and they’re a proper lovely bunch to boot. In autumn 2010, Bring the Happy took over 3 – Read more

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September 21, 2009

The Power of Love – Thanks to fans

Well it’s been all bubbling away behind the scenes. Plans for this October’s tour are coming together and through the wonders of twitter, facebook, BBC radio, youtube, crowd sourcing, blogs and TopMan we’re amassing quite a bunch of help. So thank you. Chris Gregory (@MrFurrball on twitter), in Kentish Town, gave Hope and Social a – Read more

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June 13, 2009

Summer Tour

We’re enjoying this tour. It feels really good to have a record out and to play it to people who’ve downloaded the album or have bought it and are singing the lyrics back at us (the lyrics are up on the website now). The reception at the gigs has been unanimously great so thank you – Read more


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April 4, 2009

Tour Roundup Part1

What an amazing couple of weeks, it’s been out and about, I’ll try and keep this succinct. We started out at Joiners on the 19th. Always a pleasure to go there – lovely people and a well looked after venue. Saw some of the tour regulars – keep your eye on flickr for the audience – Read more

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