[UPDATE: 23/3/12] Here’s the finished song with video by the awesome Shot by Sodium crew. Robert Palmer – Addicted To Love, with Ellen and The Escapades, suggested by @ScottishPenguin, all completed in one busy busy busy fun fun day!

You can also see a load of photos from the Shot by Sodium guys on their blog here (scroll down).

If you scroll down the page and click on the Cover It Live plugin you can relive the day as it occurred in minute by minute interactive detail.

Crypt Covers Logo[22/3/12] Our first Crypt Covers day is here, with the help of the Wheel of Doom the lucky track has been chosen, and will be…

Addicted To Love – Robert Palmer.

We will be live blogging the days shenanigans until late tonight in the clever “Cover It Live” window below. Expect video snippets, audio teasers, rushed interviews, filthy photographs, and all manner of good old fashion internet chat room nonsense.

You can comment directly in this widget. If your comments do not appear instantly, don’t panic, we have them, and they will!. Also,. any tweets tagged with #cryptcovers will also be pulled in, so please comment there if that is your thing. This stream will form a wonderful archive of the days events to go with the finished track and video.

We are privileged to be joined in The Crypt by the simply marvelous Ellen and The Escapades as together we foolishly attempt to record a cover track, chosen by you, in just one day. Read on for “5 Things You Should Know About Ellen and The Escapades”, and a musical treat.

5 Things You Should Know About Ellen and The Escapades

Now, if you don’t already bask in the glorious musical sun-rays of Ellen and The Escapades, then give yourself a gentle slap with a wet fish and then have a listen to their new single below.

1 EATE were Glastonbury Unsigned winners in 2010. That is actual winners by the way. We were (speaks quietly) merely in the final ten bands in 2009… ; )

2 EATE Are a 5 piece folk, pop, country rock band from, wait for it, Leeds, yes Leeds, where else.

3 EATE have just recorded their highly anticipated debut album ‘All The Crooked Scenes’ and it’s coming out on 16th April and are releasing a single of the same name on 2nd April.

4 EATE are playing 2 launch nights to support their album release, one at the marvelous Brudenell Social club in Leeds on 15th April, and one at The Lexington in London on 16th. EATE Live = Highly recommended!

5 You can enjoy a whole load of EATE goodness on their shiny new website, here: www.ellenandtheescapades.com. And why exactly can’t we have a shiny new website, huh?

And here ladies and gentlemen is their instantly catchy new single “All The Crooked Scenes”….

Now, get your enormous musical thinking caps on and tell us what track you would love Ellen and the Escapades to cover with Hope and Social…and please join us live here on Thursday. We will so need your support.

Love love love

How suggestions came in:

You can submit your lovingly chosen Crypt Cover suggestions any time on twitter using the tag #cryptcovers, or pop them in the comments of the Facebook event page, or in the comments box at the bottom of this post. Please submit as many suggestions as you like.

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20 thoughts on “Crypt Covers 1: Ellen and The Escapades

Steve said:

Tribute to The Monkees – The Girl (boy for Ellen) that I knew somewhere – my fave Monkees track. Great tune! or… Blue moon of kentucky – Elvis?


Emma said:

Elderly woman behind the counter in a small town by Pearl Jam. Or anything by Pearl Jam. Or Abba if you want to camp it up a bit.


John J said:

A duo of ‘Your the one that I want’ by Oliver Newton John and John Travolta would be memorable.

If it’s Abba, ‘The day before you came’ would be beautiful.

Or, how about a bit of Northern Soul gold: ‘Can I get to Widnes’?


Emma said:

Or ‘killing in the name of’. Or Love Shack by the B52s. Or anything by Enya. What do you mean I’m not taking this seriously. I think Love shack would work.


Rebekka said:

I love Shaun’s idea of Rhinestone Cowboy.

But I always thought that Rip Her to Shreds – Blondie, is lamentably undercovered.

The most covered song, in my record collection, is Age of Aquarius/Let the Sunshine – I have 9 different versions…

If you want to get down with the (little) kids I do think that Emeli Sandé – Heaven is one of the best pop songs for ages.


Mabes said:

Brotherhood of Man – Save all your kisses for me. Full dance routine too. If that’s too silly what about Proud Mary… again with dance routine.


Delly Woods said:

Quite frankly, that p****s all over the original :) Loving the 80’s drum production at the end :) Would have preferred the video with Rich, Simon & Ed in lbd’s with red lippy and hair scraped back in a high pony tho……


Barry said:

‘Because the night’. The Boss, cos I think you can do a better version than 10,000 maniacs. Or any Springsteen, but slow versions.

But atl is fabaroonee


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