We asked guests at our Winter Warmer what family traditions they would be keeping alive this Christmas.

We had optimistically hoped that creating and sharing this collection might provide inspiration for some new family traditions, or at least give a much needed shot of yuletide adrenalin to any flat lining Christmas spirits.

But what we didn’t expect was that it would make such compelling reading. A number of unexpected and quite moving themes run throughout.

Who would have thought that family stuffing recipes were so important, or that one of you gets an enormous pack of Jaffa Cakes from Sandra Bullock every year!

If you are feeling in the least bit jaded this festive season, we urge you to take the time to read through this collection of very personal and cherished Christmas traditions, guaranteed to make you finally feel Christmasy, and possibly in a new and lovely way.

Warning: These images contain the long lost human tradition of hand writing.


“He’s been!”

Merry Christmas!

H&S xxx

To see all the traditions either view the gallery below or directly in the flickr set

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3 thoughts on ““He’s Been!”

bendenison Post author said:

And a surprising amount of chocolate eaten before that! :) Santa on google? A tradition. Heavens above. Or rather, Google satellite above!


Craig said:

So I got about half way through that before I could read no more, that’s the trouble with being a sensitive and outwardly emotional type, and all people see is a sound engineer, If only they knew.


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