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On Friday the 2nd December we’re going to be having our nearest excuse this year to a christmas party. The Hope and Social Winter Warmer

The Winter Warmer is going to be about the music.

We’ve done some many wonderful big things this year. So many big, ridiculous, outward facing, entertaining things, that doing something small and intimate in a tiny venue really appealed. In fact it felt almost necessary. In the last half of these year some of the gigs have been such an explosion of fun it’s almost been overpowering. So it felt right to do something different…

We’ve been rehearsing with glockenspiels and melodicas and strings and ukuleles. We’ve been doing more choral singing. We’ve been thinking about the Flying Pickets. We’ve all been picking up instruments we don’t play and just trying to make something beautiful. We’ve been stealing musical toys from small children so we can just for one night remake the songs we’ve played so many times into something delicate and new.

Playing in Hope and Social is an absolute joy at the moment; there is a real energy in the band. Much of the idea behind this special gig came from a desire to allow the music to breath a little, and to create some space for us to just enjoy playing music together. Plain and simple. Selfish or what! We also wanted you to be able to enjoy in close quarters the musicianship of some of the more *cough* talented members of the band.

The venue is a key part of this night… The Georgian Theatre is so so small, so so old and so so gorgeous. (see the view from the stage below) There will be hopefully around 200 people in the audience, but because of the design of this beautiful listed theatre the furtherest anyone will be from us will be about 7 metres. It should be Christmasy, pin drop, laugh inducingly intimate. It’s going to feel like everyone in the room will be sharing the same big Christmas jumper.

As always we’ve got some lovely little surprises up our slightly smelly blue sleeves. And as always it will probably turn into a party, but it’s just a little chance to say thankyou for a wonderful year… So many good gigs, so many laughs, so many new friends. It just feels right to say thankyou quietly this time.

We are so looking forward to this.

So you can enjoy a festive sherry we will be running a coach from Leeds City Centreto Richmond and back and you can find out more and book a place here.

You can buy tickets from the venue by phoning the box office here:

01748 825252

Monday – Thursday: 10am – 5pm
Friday & Saturday: 10am – 7.30pm
Sunday: 12 noon – 7.30pm

It may be useful to have the seating plan up on screen as you phone as due to the unique nature of this tiny jewel like venue there a number of different seating options.

You can also buy tickets online.

(There is a more limited choice of available seats when buying online, still good seats though!)

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