Marching On Through – The story of a blue jacket

We are sending one of our handsome blue jackets on tour.  Who wants it first?

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The Background

So it goes, we are in the studio recording album 2, writing a song about being part of Hope and Social, and I don’t mean just the band, but everyone involved, which probably includes you. A song about the people we meet and the places we see.

Marching On Through - Twitter List


Anyway, we feel the song needs some movement, some place names, some input, so Rich, as Rich does, gets on Twitter/Facebook and asks for town names to shout up on the track.

The response was instant. As the place names came in Rich wrote them on a big sheets of paper, now stuck to the wall of the crypt.

The Blue Jacket Tour

We wanted to go to all these places, touring is the best part of being in Hope and Social, especially the house gigs, but we are not leaving this crypt until album 2 is finished.

But there is nothing to stop one of our blue jackets going on tour, is there?

Over To You

Marching On Through - Facebook List

He will arrive at your house by post, you will know it’s him, the package will have “Marching On Through – Get your camera!” scribbled on it. This is what you do….we tried to keep it simple…

  1. Get your camera – make a video of you opening the parcel, putting the blue jacket on, and marching on out of your house and down your street. If you can include your town name in the video somehow, so know where he has got to.
  2. Upload the video to, or any other video hosting site.
  3. Email a link only to the video to Make the subject line of the email your town name. A diary of his journey will appear here:
  4. Sew, iron or pin a badge on to him. Preferably a badge with your town name on it. We’d love him to come back adorned with lovely badges.
  5. Post him on to the next person. You can find the next personeither yourself on twitter (search for the #marchingonthrough tag) or on our Facebook page, or email us ( and we will find you an address.

Please keep him moving, this is his one chance to see the world, and we need him back before the end of April when album two comes out, and we hit the road.

Farewell handsome blue jacket, fare well.

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12 thoughts on “Star in a Hope and Social video

Ben Denison said:

Hi all, this sounds ace…just to be clear, rich will send it to the first person, then when they are ready to send it on, they can either find someone themselves on twitter or facebook, or contact rich for an address. Im sure it will make sence when it starts moving around! Can I have it please someone!?!


merlin said:

I’d do anything within reason for the lovely Hope & Social-Within reason does not include those Bloody Jacket’s !

Much Luv,

Merlin x x


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