Rather brilliantly, and in a great example of fan activism, Steve Plunkett of Outline Magazine has managed to garner Hope and Social a rather unusual bit of attention.

Steve’s spotted that a particular Norwich FC player by the name of Simon Lappin, due perhaps to his olive complexion and dark features has acquired himself the nickname “The King of Spain”. Fans have even started singing a terrace song to the player. I’ll not give the whole game away here, but Steve has taken things one stage further by re-writing the lyrics to our song “King Of Spain” as you’ll hear in this Audioboo.

Simon Lappin - King of Spain

Simon Lappin - King of Spain

The fans’ message-board on this matter is pretty funny too, showing this picture with someone commenting:

“He couldn’t look more Spanish there if he has castanets and a flamenco outfit on!”


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4 thoughts on “Norwich City and The King of Spain

Ben Denison said:

Ha ha! That is just tremendous!

Come on guys, get those lyrics re-recorded….. you might get to sing it at half time at the stadium….maybe is will be Delia and Ophelia who like this!


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