We’re enjoying this tour.

It feels really good to have a record out and to play it to people who’ve downloaded the album or have bought it and are singing the lyrics back at us (the lyrics are up on the website now). The reception at the gigs has been unanimously great so thank you all for that.

We’re getting a lot of love at gigs, from the Internet and from as far afield as Denver, Mexico and New Zealand. One lovely fan held a Hope and Social launch party the other night, printed our press release off to be read and even made a Red Red Rose cake (check out our flickr feed on the front of our site) for the event. Truly inspiring.

So here’s my round up of happenings so far:
Talbot Inn, Chaddesley Corbett
Awesome opener and great hospitality. Highlights included Abracadabra, stag do chap in Mankini, breakfast and hanging out with Ian Firth.

O2 Academy, Liverpool
Big room, quite a cold audience but very appreciative and complementary. Jacs played well to home crowd and the kazoos go downs treat again.

Mojo, Leeds
Friends and family there for this. Cute crowd and good chilli. Like it. Steady away this one, and Mojo always makes great cocktails.

Blues Bar, Harrogate
Carnage as usual. Marred only slightly by three idiot girls near the front just talking. They leave after I call the main culprit a very bad word and explain that I don’t come to her place of work and talk loudly while she does the cleaning. I did ask nicely first! Highlights included the first try with iDaft, guest drumming, Simon and Sharon.

my-UM Vodcast Launch
Lovely to see Marsha and Pete from XFM, and as ever, the Underdog peeps. Hella Cholla are wearing some clothes that I’m too old to understand. Dean Street studios have lots of nice toys. You’ll be able to get this in August by the way. Highlights: the lovely Dobro guitar and the super-dead sounding Gibson acoustic.

Library, Leeds
The main event so far. Rammed, well up for it audience. Moved me this one. Don’t know what to say bar thank you to eveyone who came. You rocked me and blew my tiny mind. Good sounding supports too I must say!

High-Barn, Great Bardfield
Beautiful beautiful venue and camping over. Very quiet crowd. Appreciative and purchasing, just very reserved. If we can fill that place, and put a big rig in, it’d be ideal. Merlin comes along for the fun too, and gets a b&b. He’s gone soft.

Today’s been the first van fail. Temp fix to the radiator hose. Ed finds horrendous doll, which now resides on the front of the van. On our way to the farm gig (for the guy who put a calf in his lounge for the pic competition, you remember). The first ever record that Jason bought has just come on the radio, “The Boy From New York City”, by Darts. This makes us all smile and ooh don’t forget that we’re playing with the lovely kid-ID tonight at The Library again. Free entry if you bring your kazoos!

Right, arriving at the farm now… let’s eat some beef.

Over and out,
x Huxley x

PS dog in a basket always good for a laugh! Yeay!

PPS erm… Pics not posting from the iPhone for some reason, I’ll get ’em up asap and that will help explain the above. Promise.

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5 thoughts on “Summer Tour

Keith Garrett said:

Sounds GREAT I didn’t know that you knew any BAD words Rich! Whats with the photo’s on Flickr of the widdow maker (Tyre) looks like a bad experiance.
Keep smiling



thehuxcapacitor said:

Cheers G,

I think you should come and make the Crypt show, aw go on, it’ll be all lovely and everything.
Both your links are a bit strange on my machine here. Your myspace crashes firefox, and your other site returns a “403 unauthorised” error.

Just thought I should let you know i did try to check out your schtuff.

All the best


coostickshq said:

Hi Rich (it is Rich isn’t it),

good to see my IT skills are as intact as ever. The main site should be working now and the next best bet for listening to the music (coz I haven’t got it on the main site yet) is Facebook:


As for the Crypt show, I’ve written my hymn now and everything so I’ve no excuse – I’ll see you there! :)

Best wishes



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